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  2. I definitely think the first step is the therapist not only to acknowledge his limitations, but continue to reinforce that message both directly and through minimizing hierarchical language. I believe a therapist can be a sounding board, at most. As a client, I can be more than aware of patterns I repeat, yet still helpless to interrupt them. Part is my fears and reactions that remain and part is how the world responds to me.
  3. Late to the party, I only listened to a couple of episodes out of the many. I applaud anyone who raises this topic, but what I hear falls far short of my discussions with consumers. The practitioners tend believe only damaging clinicians as bad apples, yet I see damage as far more nuanced. I doubt there's a therapist on the planet who'd consider my syrupy maternal therapist "bad"-- she's been hospital affiliated for decades. Yet she was the opposite of what I needed. If I'd given feedback while I had the therapy, I'd think the woman a saint. It's only in retrospect I realize the injuries. Yet reasons for the damage are basic and obvious--to those outside the throes of theory.
  4. Yes, I think having a focus and sense of purpose can make a big difference. Therapy was more an impediment to living a worthwhile life than a help in that direstion.
  5. Blow-back around these camps, articles, message boards, even movies has existed for a while. More recently a parent told me she had to play unnecessary games in her son's urban-based substance-abuse program. Fear works only temporarily. I (feel I) improved mainly through finding a focus and sense of purpose. I suspect troubled teens need the same.
  6. Sorry to hear that. Welcome! The therapist that you speak of does sound limited in her experience. Glad you aren't seeing her anymore, but the damage a professional does can be hard to move on from.
  7. Any kind of isolating environment without independent monitoring should be a major warning flag that abusive treatment is a likely possibility. If there were more effective solutions and better social support for troubled individuals, these kinds of shady businesses wouldn't exist.
  8. This isn't exactly about therapy per se, although the programs label themselves therapeutic. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57442175
  9. Welcome, ifyouknowmenoyoudont. Sorry for your experiences, but glad you found your way here. I found recovery from therapy much more real and beneficial than my so-called therapy and my real support sources are peers. I've ultimately find the more difficult road more rewarding.
  10. Welcome ifyouknowmenoyoudont! Glad to have you here!
  11. Welcome ifyouknowmenoyoudont. I haven't been here very long, but already I have found it hugely helpful with my healing. It appears to me the further we are away from therapists the better we become. This gives us confidence in our inner resources. Good wishes.
  12. Welcome to the forum, I really hope you find it helpful. With a background in ABA, I can't help but wonder what sort of interventions found their way into her counselling 'repertoire'. All of what you mentioned sounds awful and violating. I feel for you having to go through all that. I often think that the coercive nature of medicating patients and over-medicating them is punitive in nature rather than 'protective' and is a genuine human rights issue at heart. The power these mental health professionals have is scary, to say the least.
  13. Glad to have you here, ifyouknowmenoyoudont! I think the effects of bad therapist experiences never go away completely, but it can start feeling less and less painful with time and the right kind of support. I'm sorry you were hurt by those psych malpractitioners. Stay strong and keep healing!
  14. Hello everyone! I hope everybody is having a good day. I have been getting screwed by the psych system since I was 11 years old and I have recently had enough. I am so happy a place like this exists, its so hard to find spaces that won't minimize your experiences. I am currently trying to cope with an ex "therapist" (not even 100% sure she was qualified to provide that lol- her only previous experience was in ABA, and this was her first counselling job - however I was not informed of that at the time) that gaslit me, lied to me and to others about me, and eroded my boundaries. Though I am thankful I am no longer seeing her the wounds are still raw. I have experienced coerced drugging and overdrugging at the hands of a psychiatrist and several doctors and I'm slightly more healed from that but still sore. Thank you so much for reading Have a great day!
  15. This is the problem. If they do harm, which they often do they do not take any responsibility. Doing so would conflict with their 'perfect appearance' they like to project. Those who still like therapists after they have harmed a client are sucked into and believe this 'perfect appearance' bs. Therapists are quite often completely wrong.
  16. I don't think we can win with a therapist. If we get on well they get terrified they will get struck off and if we don't get on it ain't gonna work. I personally find it completely unnatural to be in a room every week for months, to talk about our innermost feelings, and not to get close, attached. I think that is healthy and normal. Hurt by therapy was completely right and normal to say she was like a friend. In my job as a support worker we have a term called 'professional friendship' which I like, but I have made personal friendships. Even with that I still did my job professionally. Therapists have too many hang ups and these hang ups are what disturbs the clients.
  17. I'm so glad you found a new therapist who made sense for you. I initially tried at least three therapists who were more counterproductive than helpful. Over the period of a several years, I tried some more -- I did eventually find one who I think might have helped me if he had been the first (or even second or third) I tried. But after the three bad experiences, I was pretty hard to help. Over the years, I kept trying a new therapist every year or two or three. There were a couple more who might have been able to help me if they had been the first -- but the cumulative experience of three counterproductive therapists in a row really made it hard for me to articulate things and to trust a new therapist. Fortunately, I survived, but still have the intrusive thoughts of therapists behaving intrusively. I found them very difficult to communicate with; we so often seemed off in different worlds. It's not like I'm a totally isolated person-- I worked with a lot of different types of people in my job, and with rare exceptions got along well with them (and usually the rare exceptions were people that other people had difficulty with as well). But therapists just seemed like they were from a different culture, with values that were so different from mine.
  18. I was between a rock and a hard place. I wanted to get better but was really concerned about getting discarded again. I didn't know what other type of treatment to have. The major point of my concern was if I told the new therapist about my last therapist that she would be on her side and I would be distraught. That's why it took me a year to go to another one. A year when my depression came back. Eventually I didn't have a choice and I took the plunge. Luckily she agreed with me phew! This highlights the problem that clients badly hurt by therapy have simply nowhere to go (apart from here) whilst therapists have their Supervisor to support them. A crazy situation.
  19. I went to therapy largely because I was having intrusive thoughts of a bizarre incident with a co-worker. I found out a couple of years later that he had been having therapy, and I guessed that his comments that started the intrusive thoughts were some kind of mimicking of what his therapist had said to him. But then when I tried therapy, the therapists said such bizarre things that I started having intrusive thoughts about those bizarre therapist comments. In fact, I still often have intrusive thoughts of those therapist comments.
  20. If you stopped trusting, how were you able to convince yourself to risk trying a different therapist?
  21. It's upsetting when I hear clients/consumers of therapy being labeled the "crazy ones", bc it's not always true. My family member told me "you were so much happier before you got involved with therapists". She's right. I also get intrusive thoughts about the harmful things professionals have said.
  22. Those three points are for me the definition of good mental health and a stable mind. We had all three before we became disturbed, generally by someone else's irrational behaviour in real life. We still had some common sense left though and sought help from someone who advertised they could help us with our situation. Unfortunately the therapists often don't possess any of those three points and disturb us further until we get to the point where we say 'Shes mad I'm ok' is that how it's supposed to work? A kind of reverse psychology??
  23. Can you imagine a hospital throwing someone out with a broken leg? That's what it was like for me and I guess I'm by far not the only one. They operate in flight not fight mode. The worst part being that they take no responsibility for their actions. They even have the arrogance to hide under the word 'professionalism' when many of them are dangerous amateurs. My therapist did help me a lot for nine months then she suddenly changed, withdrew her support and discarded me like a bit of rubbish. I returned to depression for another year until I found a therapist who said her actions were wrong. By this time though I didn't trust anyone.
  24. That's well put. You've seen in my story that I was devastated, but the more I learned about bad therapists and therapy in general, I began to heal when I realized it wasn't my fault, my therapist failed me. There's still some hurt obviously, but I've come a long way.
  25. Welcome to the forum Happynow! I'm somewhat new here myself and have found it to be a great source of information and some really understanding people! Good to see you here!
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