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  1. OK this gets worse I got an email a few days ago from my ex changing the childcare arrangements on the children, and saying my daughter no longer wants to see me and doesn't want to talk to me about it. His hands are all over this. He brought me to another aborted suicide attempt today. ****ing aswipe.
  2. Yes to be fait I think the officer in point was trying to bring the case and the accusations to and end without having top press charges or take things further. I thinkm a case of bad law good officer. But yes seems like censorship to me, but my skills in making it rank above his own website did come into play and make it somewhat brutal. However the incident has brought a full scale breakdown in me. I'm now on diazapam, beta blockers and probably anti depressants going forward to enable me, to keep me safe ( I wasn't on anything before). I've just started a course of of therapy to get over the therapy and had to send my kids away because i didn't feel safe.
  3. Talking to the kind officer this morning, do anything someone finds distressing twice is harassment.... its an odd law, much open to abuse. If the therapist insists on the case, he would have it put it through the cps, they would decide whether to prosecute and then id have to take my chances in court. I probably have bigger fish to fry right now, but to my mind worrying the law can be abused in this way. The site was up for 2 weeks, when he boss found at about it the pressure arrived. However over 200 people saw it.
  4. After I have had accusations of harassment made, which I currently think are not fair or unjust, it think it is currently prudent for me to remove the content from the site.
  5. Whilst being in therapy holds an negative association very few people are going to put there names to a public review. Especially in the realm of sex addiction in which justin works.
  6. To be fair we were exes, she is free to do what she wants. I wish she had thought about the kids more.... but she had no duty of care to me as such.
  7. I do online reputation management professionally, i've documented most of this, have significant more documents than have been released and have quoted him and his boss word for word. I'm pretty sure i'm safe. Its a review, its got opinion elements and all the factual stuff is correct and documented. This coming in today was pretty satisfying, that's the google listing for his name and therapist, coming in above his business site.
  8. Certain things are unclear, I know they became close friends whilst he was both my and her therapist before the marriage broke up. I know a couple of weeks after me and my wife had split he went with her to pick my kids up from school. Whether there as anything more to it then I have no evidence and will leave you to draw you own conclusions. However after his boss had promised no more contact 2 1/2 years later he was in contact with my ex wife and pursuing a relationship with her. I also know my ex hid the relationship lied at that point to try to stop me making a formal complaint to BACP complaint about his behaviour ( 3 years statue of limitation ). What was going on earlier and outside that I don't know. I obviously have my suspicions, but no evidence as I respected my ex wife's privacy. Its still ongoing arguments about the kids access and support. Even though i look after my kids 50% of the time, they have a significantly higher joint income and standard of living, they are still pursing me for funds to support my kids whilst they live with him. It feels like are trying to inflict maximum physcological damage.
  9. The interesting thing is how far back the dishonesty went, and I was so naive to what w as right and wrong and desperate for solutions that I was completely blind to it.
  10. Hi All, its good to be here. Yeah I believe ive been burned by a really unethical therapy experience, which i've documented where. https://www.justin-marsh.co.uk do people thinks that behavior is as an unethical as I do? Jon
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