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  1. Thank you for the kind words No, my psychiatrist didn’t stand up for me one bit, and it’s interesting you bring that up because at the time, I think that caused far more damage than I was ever expecting it could. He was notified about what was going on in real time and apparently did nothing to stop it. When I got out, he initially wasn’t planning to see me at all; three weeks later, I saw him and he said that I should join a DBT group to get over my “rejection” issues because I called him out about his negligence and gaslighting. I work in healthcare myself and was honestly shocked at the lengths he was going to in order to defend my abusers. I would and have never berated a patient just to show solidarity with a colleague. Nonetheless, you could not be more right- recovering from betrayal does take time.
  2. Hi all, im hurting. My therapist lied a year ago to have me locked up in the hospital and refuses to take accountability for it. I wrote about it and posted it to try to get her to respond but she’s evidently going to deny that she did anything wrong. I can’t work or fully function like an adult because of this. Just needed to vent.
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