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  1. Hi Everyone. This is a new member intro post. I’ve found my way to this forum after several years of following the more than 1600 comments on disequilibrium’s bad therapy blog. I’ve spent decades trying to piece together what happened to me in a ten year commitment to Rational Emotive Therapy with a brilliant psychiatrist who ultimately showed himself to be a covert, seductive and destructive narcissist. Much of what I experienced in that work was liberating, but when I unfurled my wings to take flight as my own media work was going national, the full cycle of narcissistic devaluation and discard kicked in to punish me for wanting to leave dependency and him behind. At the tail end of the 1970’s nobody truly believed my story and the patronizing, infantilizing abuse in subsequent efforts to get help left me deep in C-PTSD dissociation. All of our stories are unique, but there are enough similarities in them to make a forum like this useful and I’m grateful to EveB for her work and to disequilibrium before her. Thank you!
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