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  1. I had a therapist who was really enamored with the book "Don't Shoot the Dog" - a treatise on behavior modification written by an animal trainer on how to apply those techniques to dogs, cats, porpoises (her actual livelihood), children, colleagues, clients... I should have taken it as the red flag it was. Granted, we only had six session, but those six sessions culminated in me having a total psychic breakdown.
  2. Hi all, Like some others, I found this site through Disequilibrium's Blog. I've been in and out of therapy for most of my adult life. I had some serious issues that I needed help with and I admit that there were times when therapy was helpful. But there were also times and situations that were seriously damaging (I would say the vast majority of times). I quit therapy for good about 6 months ago. It was with a long time therapist who I was very fond of (and who was at least, not damaging) - but honestly, it was more like an addiction than any real help...and it took a couple of years to reach the point where I could quit. Before that, there were quite a few really bad therapists. I'm mostly over all of it - but I'm still very much interested in hearing other folks experiences and thoughts. I agree with most of what I've read here so far. I question the entire "therapy" model (at least how it's done in the United States) - but I'm at a loss trying to figure out alternatives, especially for folks with serious problems or who are in crisis. Anyway - just saying hi. ~ Starling
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