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  1. looking back she had me sign a termination agreement saying that I was discharging myself from therapy rather than her booting me out (which I was only too delighted to sign lol) . good at backside covering. it was a very difficult time in my life. Anyone thinking of going into therapy please, please run it past someone else without an axe to grind either way who knows you. If therapists are dependent on you for an income, or as in this case research material as well, they cannot be totally objective in their dealings with you.
  2. it was a long time ago now Eve. I asked about the tapes : "they are at the University and thats where they are staying" was the response. Of course at the time I didnt know any better. She hooked into me when I was at a very low ebb, and was using me as a case study for some post-graduate course she was doing. FFS (please pardon me for swearing) imagine PAYING to have your personal vulnerabilities and thoughts recorded and broadcast. Her argument was "You agreed to it" but I was hardly 'of sound mind' at the time.
  3. You are SO RIGHT !! and I admire you for having the guts to say that to the T ! whatever their good intentions might be (if they do have them) , the thought of that (placid) cash cow continuing for years and years has got to be a major driver towards unethical behaviour on their part. I suspect many of them cant even see that.
  4. hi . to pick up on this old post. my therapy was a long time ago now and the last month or 2 of it , I would dread the night before. waking up the next day, I was engrossed in finding a reason to cancel therapy for the day. When i managed to do this, an immense feeling of relief and peace came over me. When i didnt I was in a truly foul mood for the rest of the day before the session. finally i had to bite the bullet march in one day to the appointment and say I was leaving. Cue the (expected) rage and tantrums from the therapist. Thinly veiled insults and contempt etc. ("you said you serious about this psychotherapy , how the hell will i pay for my post-graduate work if you leave ?"). she hadnt even been keeping records of which sessions i had and had not attended ! so when she tried to charge me for unattended sessions, she had no basis for doing so ! final time i walked out even more than ever, as per the missed sessions, I felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders ! she did keep some raped interviews and video of sessions that I wasnt happy about though. Also I think she thought she had secured a cash cow in me for many years to come - I wasnt having that.
  5. ok I did post to disequilibriums blog a few years ago and will find the links to my posts if people are interested. those posts were some years ago and things move on which is why I am reaching out for some support and ideas now. I have NO desire to get back into therapy btw for reasons I will eludicate later ! Good to be on board !
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