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Old Man

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4 hours ago, zygomaticus said:

in the past I've had to turn to The Samaritans, and they've generally been a comfort.

Thank you very much for mentioning The Samaritans. I had never heard of this group, so looked it up on the web and found this. I noted particularly that one of their goals is "providing solace to those who have lost a loved one to suicide". One of my original hopes for therapy was to get some help in coping with the death by suicide of a friend. But therapy took on a life of its own, that seemed to have nothing to do with what I was there for. The Samaritans' nonjudgmental approach was what I needed, not the therapists' judgmental statements like, "You gave up your power," or "You'll never get better if you keep seeking the perfect therapist. I needed someone I could talk to about very sensitive issues.

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On 1/9/2021 at 1:47 PM, zygomaticus said:

Your instincts and experience of him are telling you his influence is at play. I believe you. It is dreadful that you should be going through all of this, all because of a therapist who abused your trust and continues to impact your life in profound ways. I understand why you are feeling desperate.

Please hang in there. I hope you have someone you can turn to in your support network, I realise that not everyone has a support network to speak of (I don't). I know this is obvious, because in the UK they are so well known, but in the past I've had to turn to The Samaritans, and they've generally been a comfort. A break up years ago left me feeling broken and desperate, and they definitely played a part in getting me through that time.

I also want to apologise, I missed your previous post above when it was posted months ago. I'm not surprised the gargantuan stress of a situation like yours has triggered a breakdown. I can't even begin to imagine the pain it must have caused.

So, for what it's worth, I empathise, and I truly hope you get through this awful time.

Still here   :)

Had a good few months got my head clear....

But back here due to  bad day... Had to see him for a few mins last night. So downward spiral crying, shakes, emotional basket case this morning.

Oh in the proceeding few months he and my ex have had a child, a blessing for them, but unfortunately for me hes now tied to me by my kids forever, no clear route of escape.  Bugger :)

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Sorry you're having a rough time, Old Man. Let out whatever you need to... It would probably feel worse if you had kept all that pain bottled up. Maybe try to keep your mind from dwelling too much over it by doing something enjoyable and relaxing. Please take care of yourself!

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