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Hopefully this time the support I receive will actually be meaningful.

Duck Hunt Dawg

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Somebody on another website recommended me to this forum. Skimming through the public sections it seems like me and the rest of you are mostly on the same wavelength, which is good.

My parents were covert abusive narcissists that sabotaged my development and weaponized the mental health system against me just so they wouldn't be seen as bad parents in the public eye. I will definitely start sharing my full story once my registration is fully processed.

It's good to be among those who recognize the field of psychology for the scam that it is.

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On 1/27/2022 at 8:15 PM, Eve B said:

Glad you found us, Duck Hunt Dawg! No pressure to give details of your story if you're not ready. This forum was created to serve as a safe space for those hurt by bad therapy, and I hope you find the various perspectives here to be helpful and informative. 

Thank you. I have some revising to do on what I'm writing though since this is quite a lot to unpack and might not be easy to follow otherwise. I'm not completely out of the woods just yet either way. You'll understand what I mean when the post comes.

My background and perspectives might be though of as rather uncommon among folks who have gotten burned by the mental health system, so I hope you'll find what I have to add to these perspectives helpful as well.

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Welcome Duck Hunt Dawg. I too saw experienced the mental health system as a scam, but my worst experiences were my own hiring. My mother dumped me off at a teen group with an overly formal "we need to take care of our psyche's," pointless, but not abusive. My joining community to explore the flim-flam has been invaluable, and as I hope it will be for you.
PS. The teen group psychologist didn't approach working with my parents--source of the stress, or as a family.

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