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Therappist Drift

Mary S

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Today I came across a couple of articles on "therapist drift", discussing the phenomenon of therapists departing from what their role is supposed to be in "empirically supported" therapies.  One of them is available free at https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26752326/ .

As expected, I have a mixed opinion. The concept of "therapist drift" makes sense -- it means the ways that therapists depart from the protocols/procedures that are considered necessary to implement an "empirically supported" therapy. The article is quite interesting to read, but it still leaves open the question of the effectiveness of therapies that are called "empirically supported",  even when they are done "by the book", and also the questions of ethics surrounding them (e.g., are there unethical practices involved in claiming empirical support for them? and are possible harmful side effects adequately studied and reported?)

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