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    2. Session Room Red

      (Client-Therapist: It's the relationship that harms!)

      The Cons of Therapy, The Random Ranting Room, Therapist Agendas, Therapy Stories-The Truth Hurts, The Myth of the 'Good Therapist', Why I Quit Therapy, No More Therapy!, Therapy Really Doesn't Work, It's Not Because of Your Childhood..., Please, Let Me Go, 27 Years in Therapy, Intermittent Reinforcement, How to Tell If You're Being Manipulated (Or If You're In Therapy), At What Point is it the Client's Fault?, Totally Cheesed Off with Therapy and Therapists, Therapy Abuse Makes It Difficult for the Clients to Complain, My ex-psychologist is being interviewed by the police tomorrow, What is this obsession with making therapy a traumatic experience?, Why Are You Still in Therapy?, Hurray!, Jeffery Smith MD Blog Post, Drunk Therapist, The Ex-T Client Club, PsychCentral Therapist Thread: Therapist-To-Be Goes A Little Mental, Critique of Therapy Sent to Therapist, Maybe the Profession Has Improved?, To Be A Mental Patient, PsychCentral Venting Thread, Shame and Humiliation in Therapy, Lack of Transparency in Mental Health Services, How Does This Strike You?, How Therapists Abuse Their Clients, Therapists Who Emotionally Enmesh Themselves With Clients, Personality Trait Discussion and Venting, Therapist-Client Resistance, The One Sentence Game, Client's Problems Help Therapist Write  Screenplays, Can a Narcissist Become a Counselor?, How Stupid Are They?, Manipulating Others With Therapy Speak, Pimpernel is Jonesing, How They Respond to Criticism, Critique of Therapy Sent to Therapist, When in Doubt, Go for Personal Attack, Rant, Poll, If You Really Want to Know What Therapists Think, Therapists on Their Biggest Mistakes, Ok, So How Can We Explain..., Paying for Hugs, Suggestibility, They Literally Never Get It, The Future of Therapy-Bad Online Therapists?, Seeing Red, Ts Overthinking/Over-analyzing, Finally! Received Copy of My Session Notes, Mindfulness Meditation, Does Insight Even Help?,The Case Against Therapy, What Your Therapist Doesn't Know, Shame and Client-Therapist Attachment, Who's Your Guru?, Overcoming Resistance, Interpersonal Skills, Therapy Feedback Saves Lives, The Socratic Therapist, In Anguish, Therapist-Client Mismatches, What Exactly Do Therapists Do?, Therapy Regrets, Managing Resistant Clients, Experience Submitting Complaint to the BACP or Other Counselling Body?, Their Wisdom On Why Clients Get Worse, Paradigm Shift, The Challenge of Deconstruction, More Therapy Mythology, Therapy as Prostitution, Mad in America, Therapy Failure, Contempt and/in Therapy, Leave An Online Review?, Accusation Filed by Attorney General's Office, The Gift of Therapy?, etc.

    3. Session Room Yellow

      (Client-Therapist: Warning Signs)

      1st Sessions, Therapist Archetypes, Therapist Profiles, Therapy and Therapist-Picture This, Therapy/Therapist-Real and Ideal, Any Refugees From Therapy Forums?, What Does It Mean When..., Television and Fictional Tropes, PsychCafe Online Forum, Gaslighting Tactics,  Therapists vs Psychopaths, When Therapists Do Harm, Real Patient Care?, Therapy/Therapist Gender Imbalance, Therapy and Open Relationships?, Sliding Scale Therapists, Another Way to Look at Things, Mental Health and Mass Shootings, Therapy and Insurance Companies, 50 Tips for Good (or Not So Bad) Therapy?, Worst Therapist Ever-Video Parody!, Analyze This!, When It's Bad to Talk, Controversial Psych Studies, Digital Therapy?, etc.

    4. Session Room Green

      (Client-Therapist: It ain't easy being green.)

      Therapy What Ifs..., Therapy is a Joke!, Therapy Evolution, Therapy in the Movies or TV, What is Therapy?, The Therapy of Music, Recommended References, Some Therapy Humor, Easy to Forget-It's an Industry, 13 Reasons, Healing the Heart and Mind-Creative Alternatives, TTCS Project, Unusual Therapy Treatments!, etc.

    5. Session Room Grey

      (Client-Therapist: The Miscellaneous Matters)

      Post-A-Quote (Quotes from the Heart and Mind), Psych News, Halloween-Holiday of Fear, Therapy and Philosophy, On the Couch...,Therapist Blame/Responsibility?, Is This Community Too Small?, Seasonal Therapy?, Giving-Thanks for Thanksgiving!, Anybody Interested in an Advocacy Group?, Therapists Reviewed on Yelp?

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      Odds and Ends, The Various Session Rooms

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