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  1. I definitely think the first step is the therapist not only to acknowledge his limitations, but continue to reinforce that message both directly and through minimizing hierarchical language. I believe a therapist can be a sounding board, at most. As a client, I can be more than aware of patterns I repeat, yet still helpless to interrupt them. Part is my fears and reactions that remain and part is how the world responds to me.
  2. Late to the party, I only listened to a couple of episodes out of the many. I applaud anyone who raises this topic, but what I hear falls far short of my discussions with consumers. The practitioners tend believe only damaging clinicians as bad apples, yet I see damage as far more nuanced. I doubt there's a therapist on the planet who'd consider my syrupy maternal therapist "bad"-- she's been hospital affiliated for decades. Yet she was the opposite of what I needed. If I'd given feedback while I had the therapy, I'd think the woman a saint. It's only in retrospect I realize the injuries. Yet reasons for the damage are basic and obvious--to those outside the throes of theory.
  3. Blow-back around these camps, articles, message boards, even movies has existed for a while. More recently a parent told me she had to play unnecessary games in her son's urban-based substance-abuse program. Fear works only temporarily. I (feel I) improved mainly through finding a focus and sense of purpose. I suspect troubled teens need the same.
  4. Welcome, ifyouknowmenoyoudont. Sorry for your experiences, but glad you found your way here. I found recovery from therapy much more real and beneficial than my so-called therapy and my real support sources are peers. I've ultimately find the more difficult road more rewarding.
  5. Aside from a few obvious characteristics, the "experts" don't know why some find mates where others don't. My therapist sent me for a "beauty makeover." She also told me to wear earrings to focus attention on my eyes and long necklaces that focus attention to my chest. Seriously.
  6. Fairy tales is correct. They had me believe I was undergoing shattering change. In reality I went through the world as the same square peg. Journal keeping, whimpering about mean mommy, paid reassurances of my worth do not magically transform me.
  7. I've seen therapists believe that the rituals and incantations they use have some magic power to transform. They believe, armed with their mysterious, mystical toolkit, they can take on the world as saviors and sorcerers. They seem utterly bewildered when told their wondrous powers don't really work.
  8. Welcome, Hello Universe. I've found this forum a wonderful place to bounce thoughts and observations off one another to help synthesize that happened. Heavens, I got little to no help from psych 'professionals" who seem terrified of the possibility they might cause harm. I personally was not friends with therapists. However, I read many accounts when I was active a Psych Central forum, and some members reported much harm and confusion. The closest I came was a music teacher who stoked a personal (non-sexual) and professional relationship. She definitely had the upper hand and when she was going through a difficult time, the power dynamic came around to bite me. Look forward to your posts.
  9. Moonfrog, you seem to have a good prospective on events and the courage to talk about them. I can't imagine what it was like to be under someone's control as you describe. It took me years to be able to summarize my therapist's transgressions and stand up for myself, so you're way ahead. I hope the distance, and the increasing time and distance finds you peace. I never got any assistance, much less apology, from the original wrong-doers, but earned my own strength in sorting through the gaslighting. Indeed, gaslighting is what it is. I found comfort in establishing my own life competencies, in physical movement, and in reading how others process their unhappy experiences. Many of us have had a difficult row in the pandemic; much more so for anyone who lost a livelihood. I found my 20s the most difficult time in my adulthood and commend you for your education and skills. Welcome. I hope the immediacy of this horror continues to recede for you. Incidentally, there's a lawyer/member on the Psych Central forum who, I gather, specializes in patient's rights in these holds. Some of us also have gotten conversation and help from the therapist exploitation link line: https://www.therapyabuse.org/
  10. Sandpiper Crossing, welcome. I agree with you completely; I find scant literature about therapy's harm, and almost none of it parallels my experience. Their so-called "ethics" discussions seem most concerned with avoiding improper appearances and defenses against being sued. The consumer is left on his/her own to figure it out. This is so hypocritical for the profession advertising honesty, self-examination and deep meaning. We have been pooling our own observations and thoughts here;look forward to yours.
  11. At the time therapists somehow thought that ***talking about our feelings*** would create healing and mystique and a dove would burst out of our chests freeing us from our pasts. I don't know why this didn't work.
  12. Therapists are...selling an engineered relationship as authentic and subordination as empowerment.
  13. I did experience some kind of catharsis in my first therapy when I burst into tears and my blood pressure lowered. My therapist thought it the beginning of the end of therapy. However awareness of my life's crumminess doesn't change how I relate to the world. Contrary to the article, my therapies were full of "how does it make you feel"? Our group therapists in fact reprimanded us for discussing our thoughts as opposed to our feelings.
  14. I filed my complaint for the same reasons 1) To put his behavior on the record 2) to express, best I could, the harm he caused. My case was too nuanced to consider a legal option.
  15. HBT, sorry about your experience and welcome here. My therapist did an outstanding job of rebutting my complaint by making me sound psychotic, incapable of distinguishing him and my parent. I lost the complaint. He ended though by saying he had "compassion" for me. What a performance.
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